batmansbarbiedoll: You probably have no clue who I am but I've been following you for the longest time..I think your adorable and I your nose is very cute!! Love your blog😚

aw you’re very sweet n beautiful thank you!!!

t0rn-vagina: I think your nose is cute as fuck

Bby :*

Anonymous: your nose IS so cute aw aw u are blessed with a cute nose how can anyone not dig cute noses

ily c:

Anonymous: Yeah! omg i never realized but your nose is strangely shaped

can u stop insulting my nose omG I hate it so much anyway


self portrait -
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unicorn-p00op: I for one think you have the cutest nose in the world, ok.

I really strongly dislike my nose but thank you!

Anonymous: Your nose looks like its glued on?? like it is very weirdly shaped to me



Sasha Masiuk
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This scene reminds me of a photo shoot I did. It was absolutely gorgeous, but this is an amazing edit.
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